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“These stories in videos and books  are the culmination of the values and ideals that I have lived by all of these years. Hopefully, they will help your life be as successful as mine has been.”

The content on this website is divided by areas of interest, you can choose to subscribe to them individually.

The content on this website is organized by:

  • A book store that included a large selection of the latest books.
  • Pamplin Music collection, relaxing instrumental songs.
  • Story-Time, a series of short stories intended to inspire and entertain young readers and teens, including our yearly Christmas Stories, an annual classic where for the last 5 years, Dr. Pamplin wrote a special message to share with you and your family.
  • Visit Pamplin Gardens of Oregon, an amazing series to show Dr. Pamplin’s beautiful gardens.
  • The theater show of 2017 is available online now.

Coming soon:

  • The 2018 theater show.
  • Visit the Pamplin Park selection of movies to learn more about the Civil War where you will find four museums, three historic homes and the Breakthrough battlefield of April 2, 1865 near Petersburg VA.
  • Visit to the Pamplin International Collection of Art and History guided by Dr. Chet Orloff and Alison Stenger